Blacklane PASS Program Will Assist Travelers With New Services At 500 Airports!

Blacklane is known for its superior chauffeur services worldwide. It provides its services at airports. Now, the company has come up with a new feature that is known as Blacklane PASS and it will allow passengers to get through security quickly and customs and access to lounges.

New Services:

  • This new service is available at 500 airports
  • The PASS service can be purchased just for going to and from the airport, just for lounge access or as a package deal for both.
  • You do not have to use or purchase Blacklane chauffeur services to use the PASS program.
  • For lounge-only service, you will be given access to the lounge for up to three hours.

The program will work as follows:

  • If you are arriving at the airport, the PASS concierge greets you at the plane or after customs depending on the requirements of the airport. Once greeted, your concierge will manage your luggage, take you to the front of the immigration/customs line and escort you to your vehicle.
  • If you are departing, the concierge will meet you at your vehicle, handle your baggage, take you past security and immigration, assist you with any duty-free shopping you may require, and then take you to your terminal or the airport lounge.
  • If you have to change flights, Blacklane also provides services to make your transfer as seamless as possible. You will be met at the planeside or after customs, and your concierge will manage your luggage to get it to your connecting flight, including re-checking if necessary. You will bypass security as well as immigration lines, and your concierge will escort you to the right connecting gate and/or lounge.

This service will allow you to skip security and immigration lines while lounge access will set you back at low cost. Blacklane believes that the reasonable prices for these services will encourage many travelers to use their program and avoid the stress that travel can cause.

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