Ultimate List of Airlines for Best Business Class Flights from USA to India

Identifying the Best Business Class Airlines for US to India Routes

The aviation and tourism industries between USA and India have a mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, millions of passengers travel between the two countries each year. Besides that, while the US welcomes many visitors from India, US tourists make up the bulk of the country’s inbound market. Likewise, it’s worth noting that a significant portion of these passengers are business travelers. However, due to the low cost of travel to India, economy class is the most popular on flights between the two nations. Additionally, business travelers especially favor business class. If you’re interested in knowing which airlines offer the best business class flights from USA to India, we can provide you with that information.

The Best Airlines for USA to India Flights Business Class

United Airlines is a top choice for booking international flight tickets to India. They provide a number of flights, including nonstop ones to Mumbai and New Delhi, from the USA to India. In addition, United Airlines offers service to the following locations. These include Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Lucknow, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Coimbatore, and Pune.

1) United Airlines

United Airlines

When flying with United Airlines on cheap business class flights to India, you can enjoy a convenient travel experience with relaxed check-in and baggage claim. Thus, this involves special attention from the staff and premier access to expedite airport formalities. After all, Business class passengers also benefit from waived service fees for baggage check-in. This includes more storage space, power plugs, and in-flight entertainment options such as magazines, high-speed internet, private screenings, Direct TV, and audio entertainment. United Airlines’ Trotter Project provides restaurant-quality food onboard, as well as complimentary beverages ranging from coffee and tea to beers and wines.

2) Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, one of the largest air carriers globally, offers various between USA to India flights, this makes it a popular business class option. When booking flights to India, consider Delta Air Lines for a relaxing and enjoyable journey. In addition to its main hub in Atlanta, the airline offers direct flights to India from JFK Airport in New York. Here are the Delta flight routes from the USA to India:

Flying with Delta Air Lines Business Class offers several benefits. Furthermore, 180-degree flat-bed seats, direct aisle access, and plush Westin Heavenly bedding are all available. A selection of delicious meals paired with fine wines is also provided. In addition, you’ll have complimentary access to the Delta lounge, enhancing your layover and waiting time. In fact, Delta offers various other services and amenities to passengers, which makes them Best Airlines for USA to India Flights Business Class. If you purchase Delta One tickets from the USA to India, in-seat power is available. In other words, you will have access to premium in-flight amenities like widescreen entertainment, internet, and other services. Not to mention, the Delta One Suite offers unparalleled privacy for your journey.

3) Emirates


Emirates, the largest Middle-Eastern airline, is highly recommended for a memorable business class flight from USA to India. Here are some of the popular Emirates flight routes from the USA to India:

It’s important to note that the availability of these routes may vary.

Some Other Information about Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines offers Best business class flights from USA to India and several other benefits too. Simply put, each seat is an aisle seat, providing privacy and security. The seats come with blankets, pillows, and adjustable settings for a comfortable journey. In contrast, you can use the power outlet to charge your devices and the provided tablet to adjust TV settings. Individual AC settings, reading lights, and USB outlets are also available. To point out, depending on the aircraft, your seat may have a minibar.

Emirates offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options, including games, music, movies, and news. Similarly, the flight attendants provide VIP treatment, including scented towels and attentive service. All food and alcohol included, and multicourse meals inspired by the travel destinations are available, ensuring a delicious onboard dining experience. Additionally, you can socialize with other passengers at the business class lounge.

When considering Best business class flights from USA to India, it’s advisable to pay attention to the type of aircraft you will be boarding, as amenities may vary.

4) Air India

Air India

Air India is another airline that operates flights between the USA and India. At the same time, Air India operates direct routes as well. On the following routes, Air India provides direct flights:

It’s important to note that Air India operates daily flights from New York to Delhi and Mumbai, as well as from Washington to Delhi.


However, for the best business class flights from USA to India, the top three airlines mentioned in the article, namely United, Delta, and Emirates, recommended. Moreover, these airlines provide excellent business class services on flights from the USA to India. It’s also worth considering Etihad or Air India as secondary options, to keep your choices open.

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