Traveling Abroad? Know Your Baggage Allowance For International Flights

Flying for the very first time can be a formidable challenge for both young and old alike. However, revising the rules and regulations regarding what you can carry and how to carry it relieves the nerve fibers and allows you to be more moderate about flying. Here, you have already made your first step on the way to knowledge. So, follow the comprehensive guide to know about baggage regulations. Therefore, read up to know the Baggage allowance international flights.


How Much Should Cabin Baggage Weigh?

Cabin baggage is also known as carry-on luggage or hand luggage—items brought on and off the plane. Generally, that’s scanned for security in flights. Commonly, airlines allow only 7 kg of weight baggage per person. While large suitcases do not fit in high-up cabins on flights, most airlines do not allow more. Apart from the carry-on bag you can carry a laptop bag or ladies handbag weighing not exceeding 3 kg per person. Likewise, this carries the same weight as the international flight baggage allowance. But a few exceptional airlines may allow more baggage. Moreover, if you exceed the weight limit for cabin baggage, airport personnel will ask you to keep it in check-in baggage.

What Should Be The Weight of Check-In Baggage?

Before you know about this, you need to know what check in baggage involves. In fact, you hand over your luggage to airport personnel and then receive a boarding pass. Meanwhile, domestic flights allow a minimum weight of 15 kg per person. However, baggage weight rules may vary depending on airline rules. For instance, Air India allows you to carry 15 kg per person. Besides this, Business and First Class passengers can carry 35 to 40 kg of weight per person, respectively.

Furthermore, this differs for international airlines, depending on your travel destination. Hence, 1 person allows 2 bags of 23 kg weight. So, now that you are aware of the international baggage rules, you can book cheap international flights to India from USA with confidence. In contrast, booking somewhere else in the world allows a person to have baggage of 20 to 30 kg per person. After all, you have to pay extra charges for the remaining baggage if you exceed the baggage limit.

What Are The Rules For Infant/Child Baggage Handling?

You need to book a ticket for a child who is 2 years of age or older. Usually, kids’ flight tickets have no restrictions on baggage limits. Besides this, for cabin baggage, you need to preserve 7 kg per child, which includes 115 cm. Apart from this, you don’t need to buy tickets for children below the age of 2 years. In addition, you can carry a pram or stroller for a child.

What Items Are Not Allowed On Flights?

  1. Most airlines have the same restrictions for both check-in and cabin baggage. So you need to know the following rules.
  2. Airlines do not allow Flammable items or sharp metal materials, including knives, lighters, military knives, etc. However, some airlines allow plastic knives and forks.
  3. Airlines do not allow any toy model of weapon in your cabin baggage or purse.
  4. Airlines banned sports items, firearms and guns in cabin baggage.
  5. Airlines also banned electronic items in check in baggage. In addition to that, we advise you to carry expensive items like jewellery, cash, etc, in your cabin baggage.
  6. Airlines disallow flammable, toxic, and chemical liquids.
  7. Toiletries should not exceed 100 ml in your carry baggage. Furthermore, you can carry the full size products in your checked baggage.

Therefore, we hope the above steps solve your problems and worries and save your time in packing for Non-Stop flights from USA to India.


Best Advice For First Time Travelers

1. Arrive 2 Hours Early at the Airport

Taking a flight has become a much longer process; it’s not like catching a bus. Fairly, the TSA recommends arriving at least two hours before takeoff for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. Basically, you need to give yourself sufficient time to know more about Baggage allowance international flights, boarding passes, checking your bags, and going through security before boarding the plane. Sometimes all this process takes at least 10 minutes but during peak travel time, it can take much longer. It’s beneficial to keep in mind that boarding the plane is not free for everyone. Often, airlines start boarding passengers in groups before 30 minutes. A boarding time is usually printed on tickets.

2. Always Carry Your ID

Airport security was once fairly lax, but not now. Currently, TSA agents check the IDs of passengers over 18 years old. In addition, you can save time by having important documents like a passport, driving license, or ID card handy right away when you step foot into the airport. Meanwhile, you need these documents when checking in bags and going through security checkpoints for Baggage allowance international flights, and you don’t want to hold up the line while scrabbling about in your wallet.

3. Dress Comfortably

Dress in unrestrictive clothes that make you feel comfortable. Well, sitting on a plane for hours, especially on long-distance flights, can be a nightmare. Apart from this, if you need to meet someone after landing then you can take extra clothes in your carry-on baggage and get changed at the airport when you make a landing.

4. See Your Doctor If You Are Anxious

Consult your doctor in advance if you feel nervous about the air travel. While they will advise you and, if necessary, prescribe medication to help you understand better.

5. Don’t Panic Over The Security Procedures

Before taking off, the cabin crew will take you through some procedures for Baggage allowance international flights that you need to know. Not to mention, this includes some cabin rules, such as how to fasten your seat belts and information on emergency procedures. But do not worry! Every airline goes through the standard procedures for every flight and is ready to reassure you.



Flying in a plane for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, can be an exciting and life-changing experience. But it can also be unbelievably stressful. But don’t worry, all you need to do is gather the necessary documents, arrive on time, and sit back and relax. Moreover, you have to go through some preparations and your checklist before boarding and touching down at your destinations. Finally, visit FlyDealFare for additional information and low-cost international flight deals and offers.