Airport Art Installations In U.S.A That Amazes Travelers!

If you find yourself stuck at an airport due to a delay in a flight or because your connecting flights are too far apart, the waiting time can prove to be a torture. But in some airports, there are pieces of art that are waiting to be discovered and appreciated. At places, there are creative construction hoardings or at other places, there are contemporary art installations.

From optical illusions to wall installations and giant animal sculptures, airports are home to quite a number of artistic and modern interpretations from artists. Do check out these amazing sights, if you are ever passing by these airports.

  1. San Diego Airport, USA:

This LED light installation is created by Jim Campbell, who is an artist and a light engineer. It is known as ‘The Journey’ and it deviates lucky travelers through its flowing, purple and prismatic display in San Diego Airport.

  1. Miami International Airport, USA:

Interactive sound and light sculpture are known as Harmonic convergence by Christopher Janney, built within the pedestrian walkway of the Miami international airport.

  1. O’Hare International Airport in Chicago:

In Terminal 1, between the concourse B and C is something known as  ‘The Sky is the Limit’, which was created in 1987. The walkway of neon-lit has been made with sounds lights and alternating colors at the motorized pedestrian walkway.

  1. Sacramento airport:

This sculpture at Sacramento Airport is called a ‘Riparian Rabbit’ that is on the U.S. Fish and Endangered Wildlife Species list which is specific to the Sacramento region. It’s an animal thought to bring good luck.

  1. Denver International Airport:

Very anatomically correct a 32-foot tall blue mustang with glowing red eyes and veins that can be witnessed by people as they moving in and out of the airport.

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport:

By New York artist Dennis Oppenheim, this is a beautiful and marvelous ‘Crystal Mountain’ aluminum sculpture. Being a part of DFW’s Art Program this installation features 30 artists from around the world.

  1. Los Angeles International Airport:

The sculpture seems to take on different shapes depending on the light and looks like a giant beaded curtain with viewer’s perspective.

  1. Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee:

The Kinetic Sculptor Tim Prentice has completed similar projects around the world and installed his “Slalom’ display at Mitchell Airport, a unique opportunity to play with the light and to achieve unbelievable effects.

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