Additional Baggage Ramp Likely to Reduce Delays At Chennai Airport

Chennai Airport is likely to introduce an additional baggage ramp at the new international terminal which will help to decrease the delays in the arrival of baggage. Currently, there is only one baggage ramp at the terminal that is serving the purpose of transporting baggage between the terminal and aircraft.

Though this idea was proposed back in 2014, it was never taken seriously.

Now, this plan has again been propounded only because there has been constant criticism over not utilizing the new arrival hall even it’s been 5 years since it inaugurated.

Presently, the passengers arrive at the old one but depart from the new international terminal. The arrival hall was introduced over 5 years ago and since then the there has not been any use of it because of insufficient manpower of immigration and customs staff.

The construction of the ramp will be done at a portion of the rear end of the arrival hall of the terminal. In past, passengers have complained about waiting endlessly to receive baggage at the international terminal.


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