8’ Things Which You Should Avoid Carrying In Your Wallet/ Purse While Touring Around

Thefts and Forgery have become so common nowadays that a person can’t predict a situation and plan according to that. All you can do is to manage all your stuff at some safe and secure place rather than in your wallet or purse. You may lose your very important documents and papers which can lead to financial as well as personal information loss.

You can protect yourself and your belongings only by using your common sense and not carrying the following items with you in your wallet while traveling:

Social Security card and number:

Your Social Security card may one of the most important documents which you probably don’t want to lose. This card is used for work documentation and for government services. And there are very fewer chances to show your social security card for traveling purposes, so its better if you keep the one safe somewhere with other documents as if your card get in some wrong hands, then it become very difficult for you to apply for the new. Officials can only appoint you a new one if someone else is using the stolen one. Any person who has robbed your card can open an account in your name, apply for loans and much more. So be smart and keep your security card in some safe and secure place.

Passport or Birth Certificates:

While traveling, the majority of the people can be seen taking their passport and other important documents with them. But, if you forget you lost these documents, you can easily find yourself in difficulty. Like the Social Security card, these also include your personal and important information and details. It is very easy to forget these in the hotel where you are staying or someone may steal it from you. So it’s better if you keep it safe at home.


It is preferable if you keep your all the significant documents such as checkbook in some safe place. And if you lose it, firstly report your stolen checkbook to the police as soon as possible and do keep a copy of that report. Avoid carrying the entire checkbook with you while traveling or in your wallet as putting stop payments on the checks that were stolen can’t able to fix the problem totally. The ultimate solution is that you need to close your account to prevent further damage.

Passwords and Pins:

People use to keep their password and pins written on the cards and kept them in their wallet but this lead to a great problem in case you lost your wallet or purse while traveling. The best thing to do is to remember or memorize all your login details and passwords or save them in your phone or somewhere else. Try to store your passwords in a pass code-protected smartphone app which is very common these days. Writing your PINS and Passwords on your debit card is not the solution. If someone stole it, then he can easily access your bank PIN and can steal or transfer money from your account.

USB devices:

USB devices like pen drives, dongles, Bluetooth adapters, etc. are very useful to you for your convenience but in case you lose them, it can lead to numerous problems as you may save some confidential files and personal information that anyone can get and may take advantage of that. So it’s best if you keep them in some safe place rather than putting these in your purse.


People use to throw their receipts and put all the stuff like that in their purse or wallet. It’s right that these small pieces of paper can’t do any major damage to you but in the hands of some thief, it is like treasure. He can easily pull out all your information by comparing these receipts with other documents and can easily pretend to be you. So it’s better if you take care of these receipts as it can lead to identity theft or forgery. Along with that, they can also do purchases before you can cancel the card. So do keep them in a safe place.

Cell Phones without any protection:

Nowadays, a phone or any other electronic device like a laptop without the security code or passport is a dangerous thing to carry while traveling. Whether you are traveling by plane, bus or train, you may lose your phone anywhere and high chances are there that it may rob. Placing a password on your phone can prove helpful in getting it worse and you get enough time to file a complaint in that time. Although, all devices today comes with security systems but if you don’t have such option then try to keep your cell phone in a pocket or at some safe place.

Gift Cards and Certificates:

Some people use to carry their Certificates everywhere with them in their purse for their convenience but stealing of their wallet or purse can lead to really serious problems. These kinds of stuff have the same value as your money so better you should take proper care of these.


  • Large amounts of cash and other valuables.
  • The abundance of credit cards.
  • Umbrella or any other thing of the same type.
  • Full-size beauty products, especially in the case of women.
  • Work badges or spare keys.

Things can take any turn so it’s better to use all the protective measures initially only. Do try to manage everything so that you need to suffer in the upcoming future.