5 Amazing Reasons To Visit Kerala

Serene Beauty of beaches, enrich with flora and fauna, surrounds with huge high free trees, waterfall. Kerala is known to be the biggest tourist attraction spot of India. It is a magnet which attracts all age group of people- honeymooners, nature lover, kids, youngest.

Enjoy your stay on a houseboat:

It is a different experience to stay in a boat like a hotel room. The little movement of the boat in water while you are sleeping or eating is speechless. The design of houseboat is like traditional rice brag, is must be taken experience while your visit Kerala as it is a spellbound experience.

Fascinating beaches of Kerala:

Silver and brown sand, natural harbours, coconut forests, beautiful palms, mountains covered with green herds and beautifully shelter with blue sky-all these combined to make beaches thrilling, which are must for a visit. You can feel more close to nature by doing daring yet adventures water sports- parasailing, swimming, boating etc. One of the amazing beaches of Kerala is Cherai Beach, properly named “The Princess of the Queen of the Arabian ocean”. What’s more, truly, inquisitive dolphins sometimes drop by.

Kovalam positions among the prime shorelines that element conspicuously in all Kerala tourism programs and there are many more like Cherai, chowara, Bekal, Marari and Varkala.

Invigorating hill-station- Munnar:

Eye-catchy, refreshing views of Munnar- a slice of peace and tranquillity. This place gives fresh, peace, cool view even in hot and humid climate. Among the extraordinary greenery found in the forest and fields here, one can discover Neelakurinji- a flower which paints the hills blue once is every year. This will be seen in 2018, another exciting reason for travelers to visit Kerala. Tata tea museum for tea lovers! Where you can see how tea has been made since very long. While enjoying its beauty you can pamper yourself with a cup or two of tea.

Taste the Kerala cuisine in banana leaf:

It is known to be the paradise for food lovers. This voyage is extremely exciting with an altogether different taste of food. Kerala takes pride in its wide assortment of non-vegetarian food. Fish, mutton, pork, mussels, crab, prawns and along with others items, is their speciality. Banana leaf is a part of their traditional way to serve food and identity of Kerala. Their cuisine is characterized by the use of coconut either as a paste for curies or grated one to garnish the food. We cannot image Kerala food without chillies, curry leaf, mustard seeds, coconut and asafetida. Appam- a famous delicious fluffy pancake and a coconut palm wine called toddy which you will only get in Kerala with its authentic taste.

Ayurveda’s home:

Here you get a chance to meet with your own soul. This place consists of many ashrams which will help you to feel refresh, invigorating with better peace of mind. Somatheeram Ayurvedic resort declared as the “best ayurvedic centre” for the tenth time by the state government because of its customer-friendly services. They provide all the important things which one can desire for like meditation, yoga, healthy food. The resort is situated by the side of the sea, far from mass tourism, in the serene neighbourhood of the town of Chowara. “You spend your stay in the core of nature, in the midst of palms, mango trees and other tropical vegetation.

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