What You Need To Do To Minimize The Impact Of Back Pain During And After Flying?

Back Pain is already a very common problem nowadays. And when it comes to flying, this thing becomes more hazardous. Acute back pain is quite a common issue and millions are suffering from it in the US alone. Traveling on a long flight or carrying the heavy pieces of baggage alone may lead to this. But a minor back pain can’t stop any traveler from exploring new places.

There are possibly numerous reasons in concern with back pain due to traveling, so here are few tips and tricks which can easily let you overcome this issue to some extent.

Contact the Airline Officials:

If you have traveled in flights and have faced the issue of back pain, then probably it becomes easy for you to tackle this problem this time. In regards to this, do contact the airline officials and inform them about your medical condition. As per your condition, the officials will provide you medical attention or the facility of airline personnel to carry your luggage and much more facilities like special shuttles and elevator platforms.

Support your back during the flight:

One of the best ways to minimize the torture of back pain in a flight or after that is to provide an effective spot to your lower back. You can use back rolls or a couple of pillows or something which help in keeping your spine straight and support it throughout the journey. Nowadays, the tube-shaped pillows with microfibers inside, and other materials are available everywhere which can provide an easy support for your back.

Sit in a Right Posture:

Sitting for multiple hours attaching to your seats is a bit tricky task to do and for a person who is suffering from a medical condition, it is not less than a torture. The position or the posture in which you are sitting plays a very major role in tackling the issue of back or neck pain. You can also ask for pillow or blankets to support your knee or legs and make them stay in a right angle. You can also request for an exit row or bulkhead seat which can provide you more leg room.

Do move around during the flight:

Continuously sitting in a single place for hours can adversely affect your spine as it is designed to move. Without moving much, you just add extra stress to your lower back so it would be a better choice if you walk for a while after every 20 to 30 minutes. Regular movements prevent the formation of blood clots from forming in the legs; also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, the most dangerous risk of sitting for long.

Try out Heat Therapy or Ice Treatment:

If you are dealing with this problem very long, then the most effective remedy is the alternate 15 minutes heat and ice therapy. You can bring an empty hot water bottle and ask the attendant to fill it with the hot water or you can take the zip-lock bag and ask to fill it with ice cubes. Heating will help to stretch the tissues around your spine and ice will numb back the swelling but don’t apply them directly on your skin.

Strategically schedule your flight:

Things become a lot easy if you schedule your flight properly. A flight with fewer people on board will let you get more space to lie down across seats. Don’t book a flight that makes you wake early in the morning. It can surely help you to minimize the impact of severe body pain.

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Relax and try to get some rest:

Long flights give you various chances to relax and get some rest, so give some appropriate support to your body and listen to the soothing music; sleep well.

Do take advice from your doctor:

Considering your doctor is the best way to tackle the issues of acute pains while traveling through the air. So it’s better if you ask your doctor to write a letter to your airlines or the flight crew so that it becomes easy for you to carry the medications and other stuff with you on board.

Lift Luggage in Stages:

Lifting a heavy piece of luggage can also lead to problems like back pain. Try to carry this kind of stuff in different stages or smaller parts. You can also take the help of a trolley or something. You can use leg muscles instead of back muscles to lift the stuff. If you are carrying a shoulder bag and do switch the sides after regular intervals.


  • Do bring your own back support.
  • Do provide appropriate support to your feet.
  • Pack as less as possible.
  • Stretch your legs and hips.
  • Manage your stress.

So if you are continuously dealing with the issues of the backache, then probably the above-discussed points will help you to minimize its effects.