Essential Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Traveling for pregnant women can be a frightening experience sometimes. Therefore, it’s important that proper knowledge should be widely disseminated in order to avoid any kind of misconception. Many guidelines are contradictory due to differences in opinion but basic instructions are somehow quite similar in nature. Based on this, many airlines are very stringent when it comes to pregnant passengers. So, what are the precautions a pregnant woman should take? Answer is- it varies. After all, it depends on the situation because everyone experiences different signs and symptoms during their pregnancy and it is something very personal for them. Nevertheless, some rules are specific and some are general for everyone to follow. Let’s talk about some of the necessary tips for flying while pregnant.

Throughout the article, we’ll dig into the subject “precautions for flying during pregnancy”. We’ll search for the concerns and the best time travel, especially international trips for instance- while taking USA to India flights. This article will eventually prepare you for a safe and secure trip. All the advice will be from professional practitioners and authenticated. Besides that, you will also learn about booking cheap flights with FlyDealFare and the kind of flights and air tickets we can help you book. So, stick to the end to know about the details of flying while pregnant.

What to consider while flying in pregnancy?

To ensure the safety of your baby and have a relaxed overall flight for you, there are numerous things and ideas to consider. Some general instructions are:

Right time to fly while pregnant:

Women with low-risk can travel at any stage of their pregnancy. However, during the third trimester it is advisable for every woman to travel less and relax. To point out, the risk factor is usually high during 14 months and you should consult your gynaecologist before planning a trip around this period of time. Restrictions are there after 28 weeks for traveling above sea level because you may require treatment or experience complicated pregnancy. In general, after 28 weeks doctors prescribe not to travel during pregnancy. It is considers as one of the best tips for flying while pregnant.

Comply with the advice of your doctor:

In case you are pregnant and planning a overseas trip, then it’s necessary for you to first of all inform your gynecologist to avoid any complications and get adequate recommendations customized as per your situation. In short, get your doctor’s opinion before boarding the flight. Discuss all the plans and she/he will recommend according to the geography of the place and your symptoms. For instance- morning sickness is a risk if you are traveling to a place with high altitude.

Similarly, extreme heat can cause headache and nausea. Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated and supplements prescribed by the doctor will act as a saviour for you. To avoid any of these complications and be proactive for every symptom, consultation definitely is a must. Inform her/ him a week before and take all the necessary instructions. It is absolutely indispensable for you and your baby. In case you are looking for cheap last minute flight deals, we are there for you.

Priorities to check before getting on a flight:

To ensure that your international journey is as comfortable as possible try to pack your edibles or snacks for your flight. That is to say, you can pack boiled eggs, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables etc. as per your choice. Make sure you carry a water bottle and avoid taking any random medicine if you are feeling unwell. Another thing that you must always remember is to always take prescribed medicine. Not to mention, if you book a business class flight, then some basic amenities will be provided by the airline itself. But, in case of any other cabin class, you should take all your belongings for a comfortable journey. These are some very basic Tips for Flying While Pregnant which can never be neglected in any case.

Be prepare for antigens:

After post-covid days it has become very crucial to take precautions before going out. Every airline has mandated some particular guidelines which have to be followed by passengers for their own safety. Likewise, in pregnancy you should take care of everything like sanitizer, facemask, and other necessary things in order to avoid pathogen attack. In fact, you must carry your wet wipes to clean the seats and handles before sitting and buy sparkling water or ginger water from the airport to avoid flight-nausea. Besides that, essential oils can be inhaled to cure the sickness. Don’t forget about the prenatal vitamins as well.

Right kind of attire for pregnancy while traveling:

Most likely, every woman purchases baby moon clothes when they plan pregnancy. Maxis dresses and spacious shoes are at the top on the list. Shopping is a must to enjoy every moment of this beautiful experience. After all, when traveling with the baby bump on an international trip, these comfort clothes will be your best buddies. You can carry an extra outfit to be ready for the destination along with a scarf or cardigan. That’s because at this stage, comfort is a key priority. Likewise, booking Cheap International Flights to India from USA is the second one and we can help you a great deal to make it certain that you save big on your trip.

Importance of movement:

If you are awake then try to go for a stroll after every 2 hours. Ensure that you do stretching in case of long flights and walk as frequently as you can. These movements and stretching indeed help in maintaining a healthy blood flow. Along with this, you can also refuse the use of TSA scanners and request a wheelchair in case you are feeling unwell. Apart from that, while wearing a seatbelt, tie your belt below the tummy. You can ask for assistance while wearing and opening it after landing.


Despite the fact that some crucial things are needed to take care of while traveling during pregnancy, you can travel calmly but just get in touch with your doctor to be on a safer side. We know that ‘precaution is better than cure’, so this rule should be applicable to avoid any obstacle. Additionally, you should be conscious of the risks associated with traveling around this particular phase. However, flying while pregnant is not that scary as long as you are in a stable condition with no medical issues. Simply, just follow some of the safety measures and tips from the professionals to have a safe flight.  These above Tips for Flying While Pregnant will be helpful for you as these are general basic guidelines which everyone can adhere to quite easily.

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