The US eases travel rules for vaccinated people!

The US eases travel rules for vaccinated people!

 With the Covid cases going down, the countries have started accepting new travellers and foreigners into their countries. The latest counṭry on the list is the United States of America. Recently, the US has eased the travel restrictions. According to new guidelines people who are fully vaccinated are now allowed to travel to the the Uniṭed States of America from China, India, and Britain.

New Guidelines A Sigh of Relief for Airlines:

 The new guidelines have brought a sigh of relief to the airlines sector as they were severely affecṭed by the pandemic ever since the travel restrictions came into effect. These new guidelines also suggest that if a traveller shows the negative test report on arrival then he/she would be exempted from the quarantine.

Every person who wishes to travel to the USA from India needs to be fully vaccinated and should have a Covid -19 negative test report no later than three days prior to the departure.

Also the airlines have been instructed to gather contact details of the US bound passengers, like phone numbers and email addresses and in case of any emergency, agencies can contact the travellers.

The masks are mandatory on the flights and those who won’t adhere to the rules will be fined.

These new rules will come into effect from November.