The Ultimate Guide to American Airlines’ Checked Bag Cost

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the United States, recently implemented a new policy regarding checked bag fees. However, this change has received mixed reactions from travelers. Starting immediately, the American Airlines checked bag cost for international passengers is $75 for the first checked bag. The fees will increase based on the number of bags. So, here, we at FlyDealFare are going to discuss it with you.

Previously, American Airlines allowed passengers to check their bags for free, which was viewed as a customer-friendly strategy that distinguished them from competitors. However, due to industry challenges such as rising fuel costs and operational expenses, the airline has had to rethink its strategy. The decision to charge for checked bags was not taken lightly, as American Airlines anticipated potential backlash from passengers accustomed to free baggage. It’s important to note that any tickets booked after June 6th, 2023, for international flight tickets to and from Asia, Europe, and Oceania will be subject to these fees.

The American airlines checked bag cost:

The fees will be charged each way per person.

Region 1 Bag Fees
2 Bags Fees 3 Bags Fees 4 Bags Fees
Domestic $30 $40 $150 $200
Mexico $30 $40 $200 $200
Haiti $30 $40 $200 $200
Caribbean $30 $40 $200 $200
Central America $30 $40 or $65 $200 $200
Guyana and Suriname $30 $40 $200 $200
Panama / South America $45 $65 $200 $200
Transatlantic $75 $100 $200 $200
Transpacific $75 $100 $200 $200

How will this new policy affect frequent flyers and some tips for avoiding it?

If you intend to travel in economy class, it is crucial that you pay attention to this news. The introduction of checked bag fees by American Airlines means that passengers will need to allocate extra funds and adjust their budget accordingly. However, there are ways to avoid these additional fees. One option is to book your ticket using an airline credit card, which may offer benefits such as waived baggage fees. Alternatively, you can consider booking a cabin ticket or opting for economy class but only bringing a carry-on bag. It is worth mentioning that the implementation of American Airlines checked bag cost may lead to decreased customer satisfaction and increased expenses for travelers. In contrast, Delta and United Airlines have chosen to maintain their previous policies.

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