Singapore Airline Launched World’s longest Flight To Newark!

Singapore Airline has launched world’s longest flight between Singapore and Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey for 18 hours and 45 minutes.  The airline says they will become the longest commercial flight in the world that will start on Oct. 11. The flights will be daily beginning on Oct. 18.

Singapore Airlines will use Airbus’ A350-900 ULR for ultra-long range planes, which have extra fuel-capacity.

Facilities Available:

  • The flights will have 161 seats – 67 in lie-flat business class and 94 in premium economy, which uses bigger seats that have more legroom than traditional coach seats but do not have the ability to become a bed.
  • The airline is specially tailoring its in-flight meal service for the route.
  • Passengers will be able to create a playlist of movies, television shows, and music that will be available onboard. The playlists will sync with their seatback screens.

The airline’s executive vice president Mak Swee Wah said, “The non-stop flight length is at least about two to three hours shorter than the one-stopper, maybe even four hours,” in terms of door-to-door travel time for most customers. The company has not yet released pricing information. This latest generation of planes has inbuilt features which enhance wellness.”

A350 cabins facilitates with an LED lighting system that can mimic different times of the day, helping customers’ before they even reset their watches or sync their phones to a new time zone.

The airline previously flew non-stop service on Airbus A340-500s between Newark and Singapore from 2004 to 2013. There were 10 ultra-long-haul flights 10 years ago, but today, there are 23 such routes in service, with more set to start in the coming months.

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