Planning To Visit India! Know The Best Airlines To Travel With Infants

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

When it comes to traveling with the little kids, things do become little tricky. And when you need to travel through the air, you have to be aware of certain rules and regulations attached to the airline in which you are traveling.

Whether it is related to the baggage concession, age limits or payment criteria, proper awareness regarding different rules help you make your overall journey smooth.

If you are considering visiting India, then probably you want to know, which would be the best airlines to travel with infants in India.

Hence, here we are discussing the infant policies of different Indian Airlines which will let you get an idea of which is the best airline to fly to India in regards to infants.

Air India Infant Policy:

Air India is considered as one of the best airlines to fly internationally but when it comes to infant policy, you need to go through the following list of rules.

infant table2


Air India Infant service varies from aircraft to aircraft. Go to the airline website and search for Infant Amenity Icon. Here, you will get all the details of facilities related to infants. If nothing is mentioned there, then that particular aircraft don’t offer that specific service.

IndiGo Airlines Infant Policy:

When it comes to knowing about the best airlines to travel with infants, Indigo Airlines does play its role. Hence, here are the rules regarding traveling with infants.

Table2 (1)
Jet Airways Infant Policy:

Jet Airways is making its own way to be the best airline to fly internationally with baby, hence you need to go through the following rules:

Vistara Infant Policy:

Vistara Airlines is the newest airline which is giving tough competition to other airlines and becoming the best airline for infants.


SpiceJet Infant Policy: