Places You Can Travel For A Safe Summer Vacation

Summer is near and many countries are still experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks thus implementing travel restrictions. Everyone is anxious because there are mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry.

People who choose to book trips for summer travel should do so with caution as the coronavirus pandemic is unpredictable. Therefore you will have to face many reservation issues.

After the situation will be under control, airlines will resume operations and everyone expects a real summer journey for that time. People will be rushing to get a break from this lockdown so you need to plan to get an escape from this anxiety.

From the health department, there is the advice of avoiding amusement parks and other crowded places because contact with other people creates a higher chance of being infected. Other than this, we have selected some of the safest places to travel on this summer:

Beautiful Island Bermuda:-


It is a destination within easy reach for East Coasters. Bermuda is a good option to go with kids and family and can be reached under two hours from New York City. You can come here to enjoy the beauty of the island and the friendliness of the locals. Wonderful things are the pink sand beaches, historic homes, and the narrow roads.


Philippines and Vietnam:-

These are two of the best destinations to visit after this global pandemic that has affected us all. You can always spend some time in these incredibly vibrant, culturally rich part of the world. The best part is that both are nearly inexpensive travel destinations. If you get a chance don’t miss experiencing the floating local market, trekking through the Hmong villages, colonial churches, deserted islands, witness the stunning landscapes, and amazing food.


Devbhoomi Himachal:-

Those who seek to visit India should be careful about planning their trip. One must book the trip when the country borders will be legally open for travelers. Otherwise, there will be headaches of rescheduling and canceling the flights to India. There is the number of places that have been under a lockdown even in India but, Manali has decided to remain open and welcome the tourists. For the proper safety of tourists, various steps have been taken such as sanitization of camps and entry after self-declaration and clear travel history of tourists.


Adorable Australia:-

Traveling Australia can be safe and easy when you follow the entry requirements. It is the perfect place for going to remote locations and witness amazing culture practice. Freedom, independence, and adventure are what a traveler expects from a new location and here you can discover all these along the way while collecting the lifelong memories. The place is perfect for backpacking adventure if you are a youth.


Eternal City Rome:-

It is known for its glorious monuments and colossal remains. History lovers and those who are interested in archaeological sites can come here to get satisfied. From the crumbling marble ruins to the patchwork of medieval apartment buildings and Renaissance churches, to the cold fountains, commanding Mussolini-era structures everything is so good. Top visited attractions are Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon.


This lockdown has given you plenty of time to set up the plan to get the exact trip that you want for this summer. Make sure you choose the safest options for this year that keep the risk factors low. Since we have mentioned the places that everyone isn’t going to. So you are always away from the crowd on your next journey. Just relax and prepare for the trip. Avoid destinations with large crowds as they increase the chances of getting infected with the coronavirus.


Some FAQs:

1.> How coronavirus is going to change your next vacation?

Since the coronavirus has changed the lifestyle of the whole world. Now due to lockdown everything has been restricted and limited but when the time of resume will come everyone will run fast. Here’s what travelers will face in their next trip:

  • A lot of deals and better values in less money.
  • Flexible tickets with change fees and refund opportunities.
  • Cleaner and safer journey.
  • Maintained hygiene and safety in hotels.


2.> Can I travel to India this summer?

As long as this global pandemic is active the borders of the country will remain close. Once it has been overcome everything will be open and if you follow the country’s entry requirements you can travel to India.


3.> Where I can go for a weekend this summer?

You can reach the outdoor landmarks this year after the lockdown will be ended. Choosing the following family-friendly destinations will be nice to you:

  • Catskills Mountains, New York
  • Bristol, Virginia
  • Charleston, South Carolina