Make Sure! You Will Sit ToGether On A Flight!

Not only the fares but sometimes the most important and difficult part of the journey is to “book together flight tickets”. Strange but its true! We can avail different offers on flight tickets but when it comes to booking a flight ticket together is a BIG TASK.

Some of us don’t like to sit alone in the plane with any strange company or some like their own company as they can’t resist any stranger’s interference. Then what will those people do? How will they book together sits with their loved ones? Or is there any basic rule to confirm together flight ticket?

Yes! There are. We have searched something interesting for you, hope that will help you a lot. Read and check that out!

Early booking:

No matter what is your final destination, you can take an advantage to book flight ticket with your partner. But you can avail these offers or can book together flight ticket only if you book early (around two or three weeks before). And this strategy will only work in a group i.e. most of the airlines provide discount code only if the group is flying together on the same plane and to the same destination. But they will not able to assure you about together seats but they can provide you one if you will call them or message them early.

Grab elite points:

It is an observation by many frequent flyers that if you earn elite points then you can get preferred seat for free sometimes. And you can earn these point by using a credit card or through airlines miles program. These prove to be an important gem while booking for flight ticket with your partner.

Aware of basic economy strategy:

That is true that basic economy fares flights are less expensive but they generally don’t provide together flight seats, even not on request sometimes. While flight booking is sure that you will book that carrier in which you can pick flights as per your choice if flying with partner matters more than money.

Ask other to switch:

One of the easiest way to fly together in a flight i.e. you can ask your fellow passenger to shift or switch to another seat in the plane. This might not work every time but of course, sometimes it will definitely work as some doesn’t mind travelling alone on the plane.

Ask the gate agent:

If by chance you won’t get together seat on the aeroplane, the last you can do is to ask the gate agent for together seats. As plane remains empty sometimes and moreover they have some flexibility to move your seat, then he/she can shift or switch your seat according to your choice. But this can be on total risk like sometimes this can work or sometimes doesn’t work for you.

Ready to pay extra:

Last! You are only left with paying more to grab together seat on the flight. This point to get together seat can possible both at the airport if two seats are available together and through airlines booking application.

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