List of Largest Airports in the USA: The Busiest and the Best

If you are planning to visit the USA, then you must know about the top airports in the USA. Today we are going to unfold the names of Largest Airports in USA. So, stay tuned with us to gain some insight into the biggest airports in the USA. Before you go any further, you should know what type of information you want when planning a trip. As you do, you control every aspect of the journey like a pro. If you already know about the insights of airports, you need not wait for long hours at airports or wait for the next connection flights.


Largest Airports in the USA

There are various airports in the USA. Let us take a look at the largest airports in the US so that you can make wise travel arrangements.

1. DEN- Denver International Airport


Denver International Airport is actually 13569 square kilometers in size. Besides this, each runway is 4200 miles from another one. However, airport security takes this measure to ensure safety. Aside from this, one of DEN’s runways, with a length of 16000 feet, is the longest in the USA. So, if you are searching for USA to India Flight Tickets then you can get direct flights from this airport. At the same time, you can book with us as we offer budget-friendly deals to our customers.

2. MCO- Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is approximately 54 square kilometers in size. Aside from that, McCoy is the original name of the airport. Additionally, this was at the US Air Force Base in 1942; after that, they converted the airport for civil use. Currently, airports have 129 gates over 4 concourses and 2 terminals. In short, MCO serves as a popular entry point to the Walt Disney World Resort and other Orlando attractions.

3. DFW- Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport covers almost 70 km area and is another Biggest airports in the US in terms of size. Furthermore, DFW airport has 5 terminals and 191 gates. Aside from that, this is in the airport’s half-way zone. In fact, all of the terminals are well- linked together using their Skylink People Mover system. This is a more advanced method of tracking terminals.

4. IAH- George Bush Intercontinental Airport

george bush intercontinental airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is roughly 40 square kilometers in size. Aside from that, it has a land area of 15 square miles. Furthermore, IAH catches 40 flyers on average. The NASA Johnson Space Center is also based at IAH. Likewise, this airport is only 23 kilometers north of downtown Houston. In 2022, this airport will handle 40 million passengers, making it one of the busiest airports in the USA. Last but not least, there are five terminals at the airport that are well- connected by a train system.

5. IAD- Washington International Airport


DC is 25 miles to the west of the 53-kilometer-long Washington International Airport. Additionally, it has 113 gates and 3 terminals. Not to mention that the airport witnesses roughly 22 passengers in a year; that is why it is the Largest Airports in USA. The three largest airlines serving the airports are, i.e., United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. In fact, there is only one main terminal with six concourses at IAD. Not to mention, the concourses are well-linked to the main terminal by an underground walkway.

6. Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport

The Salt Lake City International Airport is actually managed by the Salt Lake City Corporation’s department of airports. SLC is also a popular entry point for Utah’s ski resorts. Apart from that SLC is the 23rd busiest airport in North America and the 85th busiest airport in the world. Moreover, more than 340 flights depart and fly to India and cover 95 non stop destinations. After all, it is a major hub for Delta Air Lines, serving a variety of domestic and international destinations.

7. San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

SFO is the another top and Largest Airport in USA and the second busiest airport in California. In fact, this airport is famous for its innovative design and its commitment to sustainability. The airport is actually operated and managed by the city and county of San Francisco. In addition, it serves North America and serves as a gateway to the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

8. John F Kennedy Airport, New York City

John F Kennedy Airport

JFK is a major international airport that serves New York City. Aside from that, over 90 flights operate from the airport, with nonstop or direct flights to all six native continents. Besides that, the airport features five passenger terminals and four runways. Not to mention, this airport will handle 62 million passengers in 2022, making it the busiest airport in the US and world. Similarly, the airport has six terminals that are well connected to each other by an AirTrain system. You can travel to and from the airport in a variety of ways, including by air train, taxi, and rental car.

9. Detroit Metropolitan Airport

DTW International in the USA covers 4850 acres. It is a large hub for primarily commercial service facilities. Additionally, DTW is well-known for its cutting-edge style and dedication to client satisfaction. In fact, the airport has six runways, two terminals, and 129 service gates. Additionally, the airport serves over 140 airlines and is one of the Largest Airports in USA. Lastly, DTW offers a wide range of amenities and services for passengers, like restaurants and shops, FreeWi-fi, children’s play areas.

10. O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare Airport, sometimes known as O’Hare International Airport or simply O’Hare Airport, is the primary international airport serving Chicago, Illinois. It is on the city’s northwest outskirts. In addition, it is approximately 17 miles from Loop Northwest. If someone is looking for US to India Flight booking, then they have to consider O’Hare International Airport to book flight tickets to India. After all, it is one of the busiest airports in the world, handling over 83 million passengers in 2022.



Generally, airports are the first thing people see and experience while landing. For this purpose, here we tell you about the Largest Airports in USA. Well, there are many airports in USA apart from the list but these are popular. Similarly, these airports accommodate business travelers, easing traffic during the holidays, and providing catering services to travelers worldwide. Above all, airports in USA strive to be flawless in order to ensure that their massive size correlates with efficiency, proficiency, and other customer needs.

If you are planning a trip to the United States, start by familiarizing yourself with the Largest Airports in USA. After that, utilize FlyDealFare to secure the most affordable flight to the USA and Canada. Not to mention that we offer incredible discounts and premium travel deals to make your journey both safe and affordable.

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