Jodhpur – The City Which Is Painted BLUE (Guide for Things to do and Food to eat in Jodhpur)

Ever walked in a city to see the same color all around you? From houses to windows, doors to handles, everything in the color blue? Well, this dream can come to reality if you get your flights to India and arrive at Jodhpur.

Why is the Jodhpur painted Blue?

The city is also known as the Sun city of Indian as the weather in Jodhpur is bright and sunny throughout the year. Hence the color blue beats the heat and makes the place cooler both inside the home and outside in surroundings.

Jodhpur, the second-largest city of Rajasthan, is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in India featuring many palaces, forts, artistic buildings, heritage sites, and popular sweets and eatery dishes. The International airport in Jodhpur gives you one more reason to pack your bags and get your air tickets to India this year.

Must visit places in Jodhpur

Mehrangargh fort

This enormous structure will keep your eyes open and heart beating once insight. Visible from almost every terrace of the city this fort is located right above jodhpur at the height of 400 feet.

One of the most massive forts of India, Meherangargh was built in 1459 AD and is one of the most shielded heritage structures. Privately maintained by a trust handled by the King of Jodhpur, this fort has a fascinating museum with an exceptional display of royal souvenirs. Don’t miss visiting the only “Museum shop of India” inside the fort. Exploring this fort is a beauty in itself. Enjoy the folk art and history of Rajasthan as you walk around being mesmerized by the artistic construction. The cultural music which plays at different parts of the fort gets you an essence of calmness.

To further strengthen the traditional music culture two most extraordinary musical events are conducted annually.

  1. Rajasthan International Folk Festival in October (RIFT) in 29th October – 2nd November 2020
  2. World Sufi Spirit Festival in February

Get romantic and visit The Chokelao Mahal Terrace restaurant to taste the authentic and original taste of traditional Rajasthani cuisine at a height of 400 feet above the city.        

Tourist Information :

Ticket charges – 60/400 rs for indian/foriegn tourist respectively

 Opening and closing time – 9am to 5 pm

 Guide – 400-600 (Audio Guide 180/-)

Total time to visit – 1-3 hours

Photography – Allowed

Website –


Courageous adventure – Zip-Lining at Mehrangarh Fort

Can sailing over the blue houses at a height of 400 feet be fun? “Oh Yes!” Get your laces tight and your belly ready to feel the goosebump as Zip-Lining at Mehrangarh fort will be hard to explain in words and is meant to feel through your heart.

Tourist Information :

Total zip lines: 6

Total Time: 90 minutes to complete

Pricing: 1500rs  – 1900 rs

Photography – Yes (offered by zip-line company itself)

An immense mausoleum – Umaid Bhawan Palace

Built between 1928 and 1943, Umaid Bhawan Palace is the most beautiful heritage property of Jodhpur. This beautiful property is currently owned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur Mr. Gaj Singh Ji of the royal family who still has his residence inside this property which makes it rank among the world’s sixth-largest residence.

This huge heritage is accessible by ease as it is located 20 minutes from the airport and 30 mins from the Mehrangarh fort and the city market. This place is a combination of Indian and European style architecture. Apart from serving as the residence to the royal family, this palace has a Hotel run by the Taj property and a family museum, along with 26 acres of beautiful green gardens, with dancing peacocks and a Zodiac Pool.

Tourist Information :

Fee – 60/100 rs for indian/foriegn tourist respectively

Opening and closing time – 9 am -5 pm

Photography – Allowed(restricted at certain areas)

 Website – click here

Quiet and beautiful – Jaswant Thada

Popularly known as the Taj Mahal of Mewar, get your tickets to India booked to see this beautiful structure built by the very own marble of Jodhpur. Hidden in lush green trees near the lakeside, Jaswant Thada is going to woo your heart, the pure white marble used in this property shall connect your soul to the core. Birds and squirrels will add on to your experience as you roam around this calm place away from the noise.

Tourist Information :

Fee – 15/30 rs for indian/foriegn tourist respectively

Opening and closing time – 9 am – 6 pm

Photography – Allowed

Mountains of Sands – Osian (55 km to Jodhpur)

Here you go! This amazing place is 55 km from Jodhpur, the roads of the city is goods and it will take around an hour to reach here. Here you will see sand as far as your sight goes, Osiyan is a beautiful place to explore folk music, traditional food, dance, camel ride, safari. It is an all in one package, you can even book a camp at Osian and spend a night which dwells in your heart for a long time.

Meet real Jodhpur – Clock Tower market

The local market of Jodhpur developed around the clock tower is attractive and lively. With the welcoming attitude of the people of Jodhpur, you will love to walk as long as you are tired in the city market. As you move around to make sure to rest small popular cafes inside this market. Shop your heart out as you will never run out of money to buy things, clothes, bags as the local market is cheap and affordable.

Tourist Information :

Cafes near Clock tower : Step well cafe, Zaroka 360, Blue turban.

Food to eat in Jodhpur –

Book your Tickets to Jodhpur, India if you are a food lover. Apart from the excellent heritage palace, you are sure to light up your taste buds. Good food has always been an integral part of the lifestyle of people in Jodhpur. The food in the city is a treat to both the Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.  What doesn’t change over the years is the variety of dishes which range from spicy to sweet. Here is the list of both veg and non-veg items –

For Vegetarians, this place has a lot of delicious mouth-watering recipes.

MirchiBada/Kachori – Try this cheap local snack that is accessible at almost every other eatery shop in the city.

Ker-Sangari The traditional Rajasthani dish made with dried ker berry and sangri beans is popular because of its taste and health benefits. This tree is only found in the desert of Rajasthan. The berries and beans can be stored throughout the year. That is one reason KER-SANGRI is also called the dry fruit of Rajasthan.

Dal Bati – 

This is one of the most popular veg dishes among all and it will make you want more once you taste it. It is a common dish in every household in Jodhpur which comprises yellow lentils infused with spices. Cooked with pure ghee and red chilies it is served with round bread balls that were traditionally slow-cooked over cow dung cakes or firewood.

Rajasthani thali – Want to eat it all in one? Then go for the Rajasthani Thali at GYPSY in SardarPura. Here you are served all the local traditional veg dishes in one plate.

For Non-Vegetarians –

The city of Jodhpur is the city of spices, here is the list of popular non-veg dishes –

Laal Maans –

Experience the most delicate lamb curry cooked in red chilies. This can be one of the most flavorful and aromatic dishes you ever have in a lifetime. Rajasthani meat curry known as the Laal Maans was a recipe left behind by the royal family which they feasted on after a successful hunting trip.

Jodhpuri MurghAlso try Jodhpuri Murgh and other traditional meat cooked in the city.

*Caution – The food in this city is spicy enough to burn your tongue and win your heart

Jodhpur never stops amazing with the beauty and the food. If you are planning to book tickets to India add this city on top of your list


1>>Are the flight tickets to Jodhpur costly?

Jodhpur is a major tourist attraction point in the western Rajasthan. The flight connectivity is good and you can get your flight book your ticket to any major city of India at pocket-friendly prices.

2>>How to reach Jodhpur?

You can visit here by air, road, train, and bus.

Jaipur to Jodhpur: 5-6 hours by road/train/bus and 1 hour by air

Delhi to Jodhpur: 11-12 Hours by road/train/bus and 2 hours by air

3>>When to visit Jodhpur?

The city is hot in summers, hence the best time to visit Jodhpur is October to March.

4>>How many days to stay in Jodhpur?

The city is small with no traffic jams. Jodhpur can be covered in 3-4 days including your trip to Osian.

5>>Next destination after Jodhpur?

After Jodhpur, you can move ahead to Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer/Pushkar. All the places are close enough and can be traveled by air, road or train. Click here to read our travel guide to Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer/Pushkar.

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