How Coronavirus Affecting the Flights to India, USA & China

Boarding a flight? Know the tips, effects & How this deadly coronavirus is taking a jibe on tickets to India, USA & China.

  • About coronavirus
  • Effect on the Aviation Industry
  • How it spreads on a Plane?
  • Tips to take care when flying
  • How long it can last

How long shall nature hold it?

Every year there are drought and floods in different regions of India, Never ending disease in Africa,  Storms in the USA, Melting snow is the Antarctic, life taking Fire in Australia, and still we humans are somehow managing to be careless of the changing climate. We are busy reacting to social media when nature is reacting to us.

A little boy from India said the other day – “Climate is changing, why aren’t we?”

As soon as the Australian fire went down, the world is in the new terror of the deadly Coronavirus.

With more than 85k cases reported, 2,933 deaths and nearly about 40k people recovered this virus is spreading quicker than any other virus in the world.

Following the safety measures by some of the major and busiest international airports to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus many others followed similar steps. With this virus now found active in 34 more countries that too in a month, many flights from USA, Canada, Australia, India(sharing border) and other countries of the world have been stopped.

Resulting in a tremendous effect on the economy of major countries and Affecting the Aviation Industry.

Google photos of the airport after the coronavirus spread and you will see nearly empty airports around the world show how coronavirus has affected air travel. The airlines have cancelled flights from China and it is expected this trend to last till a long time now as the demand is going weaker for traveling to Asia.

Due to coronavirus, the prices to many countries in Asia have fallen a bit and cheap flights to India are available.

How it spreads on a Plane?

The risk of catching any serious viral infection in a flight is low as most flights are equipped with a surgical-grade filter. But the probability is quite high as the person sitting next to you can be infected.  Just one sneeze from an infected person can get the virus into you. All that will matter is how close you are sitting or your contact with that person. The shed droplets of saliva, mucus, or other bodily fluids fall on you, you touch them, then you touch your face you must be aware you can be affected as well.

If you think you are safe when no one is sneezing close to you, it is not true. Respiratory illnesses can also spread from the surfaces upon which the infected droplets fall, like the airplane seats and tray table. It is worse if the flight attendant catches the infection. As they are most mobile during the whole flight and pass by you many times. So if you have your flight tickets to any country or you are a part of a rescue operation from China to India, USA, Canada or Australia. Make sure to follow the tips and precautions mentioned below.

Anyhow the first most current symptom of this illness is a fever that goes as high as 28 degrees (Celsius/100 F).

Make sure to follow these tips and precautions.

Tips to take care of while flying

  • Best and the foremost advice is to take care of a GOOD HAND HYGIENE to protect yourself from the Coronavirus during a flight
  • Use Alcohol-based hand sanitizer many times during the flight.
  • Notice “cough etiquette” of both yours and the passenger sitting next to you.
  • Remember to cough or sneeze into a tissue. Advise the person sitting next to you the same.
  • Coughing into your elbow and then immediately cleaning your hands can also be important.
  • If the person close to you is unwell on the flight, please bring the matter in the notice of the crew. As they are trained to handle the case. The crew can perform the established procedures to separate that person and reduce risk to others.
  • Don’t touch your face, wipe your hands and wash them with water. That’s the most important thing you can do.
  • If you are not feeling well report to the crew immediately.

But before you book any of the last minute flights to India from USA or any other country in the world make sure to follow the above tips and precautions.