Hong Kong Bans Air India Flights

Hong Kong has banned Air India services until April 24 after 3 passengers on one of its flights examined positive for COVID-19 after the posted arrival which is Saturday, as a senior authority legitimate has said.

Passengers from India can arrive in Hong Kong solely if they have a COVID-19 report that justifies or reads them to be Covid negative carried out forty-eight hours preliminary to the. Keeping up with the guidelines issued via the Hong Kong government, stated by the government authorities on Sunday.

Moreover, all international passengers are required to take a post-flight COVID-19 check on the airport premises in Hong Kong.

The 3 passengers on Air India’s AI316 Delhi-Kolkata-Hong Kong flight on April sixteen examined to be positive for COVID-19 post-arrival as told by the authentic official.

Air India flights from New Delhi and Kolkata are banned until April 24 by the strict orders of the Hong Kong government, the legitimate officer added.

Air India did not reply to the PTI’s request for a declaration in this matter.

Regular global flights resumed in India on March 27 after a year of hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.