Food Delivery Service To Airport Gates in The US a ‘GAME CHANGER’

Passengers can now enjoy a new food delivery service at the US airports which will allow them to order food, drinks and other stuff. This will deliver to the passengers at their gate.

This new service is powered by an app which is making its debut at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport and from the very next month, it will roll out in San Diego.

As per this new facility, multiple travelers will be able to order different food items for sale anywhere at the airport and can receive them before boarding.

The idea for the apps came from the theory that people used to go straight to the gate and do not shop much around.

In addition to this facility, other solutions like mobile snack carts have also been introduced to boost sales as retail outlets try to increase profits.

Patrick DellaValle (CEO of Airport Sherpa) has told USA Today that Airport Sherpa will enhance the passenger experience and give travelers access to hundreds of stores across terminals. And this reported as a “game-changer”.


The app is totally free to download but it involves a cost between US$3.99 and $7.99 for delivery to the users. At your Gate app, coming to San Diego International Airport in August, passengers can enjoy a flat delivery fee of $6.99.

Some of the passengers told USA Today that it is just a small cost for convenience but some don’t think that there is no need for such a service.

Jen Billock Young said that “I like to get up and walk around the airport, since I’ll be sitting for an entire flight,” while another admitted they were “too cheap” to pay for it.