Delta Air Lines Boarding Process Changes Are Coming In The New Year

Starting on January 23, 2019, Delta Air Lines will be introducing a convoluted way to board. Currently, Delta boards flights using a zone technique. For example, after pre-boarding comes to the premium boarding zone, which includes Delta One®customers, First Class customers, Delta Premium Select customers, and DiamondMedallion® Members. Following, Sky Priority Boarding Zone customers are welcome to board, with zones one through four after that. Zone four includes basic economy passengers, which are the last to board the aircraft.

What Delta is switching to has many confused. After pre-boarding, which will still cater to passengers who need assistance getting on board, passengers in the Delta One cabin will board, followed by First Class and Diamond Medallion members. From there, passengers with a Comfort+ ticket will board. After them, Gold and Platinum Medallion members can board.

Zone one will switch to Main Cabin 1, which includes Silver Medallion members and anyone with a Delta credit card. Zones two through four are essentially the same, with the only changes belonging to the names (Main Cabin 2, Main Cabin 3, and Main Cabin 4, respectively).

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