Christmas Tree Can Be Peril: Check These Safety Measures To Be Safe And Secure!

Happy faces around the corner, gifts are being exchanged, tasting the delicious cakes, waiting for Santa to deliver the gift! Yes, you got it right, CHRISTMAS IS HERE, guys! One of the most awaited festivals of the year. The most WONDERFUL TIME of the year can likely to be the FIRE TIME! Strange but true

There are so many cases we came across every year that Christmas tree catches fire. And suddenly every happiness turns into the sadness and can also be memorable for all the wrong reasons. BUT to enjoy the Christmas time with happy faces instead of sad ones, follow the few tips which will lessen your hazard risk!

1) Water Is Essential For All Living Beings, So Do For The Tree:-

All of us preferred REAL TREE, so it is important to water it every day, to avoid dryness. As dried tree and ARTIFICAL TREE catches fire swiftly and burst into flames.

2) Selection Matters While Choosing The Tree In Safety:-

While choosing a Christmas tree, always go for a GREEN with Vibrant needles i.e. needles which don’t come off branch easily. Otherwise if by chance needles are losing then that tree consider being the dying and drying. For an artificial tree, always look for FIRE RESISTANCE label.


3) Orientation Matters A Lot:-

Choosing the right spot for the tree is very important. NEVER place it NEAR or AT THE FRONT DOOR or ANY EXIT point, as if by chance any accident occurs, the front should be free to leave. NEVER place it around any HEAT SOURCE; it should always be THREE FEET away from heat sources.


4) A Mistake Which We Often Do:-

we usually try to control the fire by using a fire extinguisher or any other protective measure, which is considered to be the biggest mistake. As the tree ignited and engulfed the entire property within few seconds. So, it is advisable to use ornaments which will work as smoke detectors.



5) Decorate The Tree With Right Objects:-


Be careful while using candles on Christmas tree. Always look for cracked sockets and for frayed wires. Don’t use them if you find any. NEVER hide an extension cord under a rug. Even any spark in that can make a tree to catch fire.

6) Do Dispose Of Christmas Tree Properly:-

NEVER leave dry Christmas tree anywhere near your house. You can ONLY KEEP real tree for FOUR WEEKS. After that, dispose of it in the local tree recycling program.



7) Buy A Christmas Tree Stand:-

Stands are available in the market which will hold the tree properly and won’t let it fall when it is on fire. And it also holds water which will keep the tree hydrated.



8) Switch Off Lights When Not In Use:-

Universal statement, likely to be true for Christmas tree as well. ALWAYS TURN OFF LIGHTS ON or NEAR to CHRISTMAS TREE while going out of the house or going for sleep.


 “Committ a minute to safety and celebrate happiness”

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