Check Out: How You Can Celebrate Canada’s Birthday!

Canada day is observed on 1 July every year!

On this day, Canadian celebrates its foundation, values, freedom, natural beauty, rights, democracy and diversity of their country. They dressed up in true Canadian fashion, eat famous Canadian dishes and enjoy some classic Canadian festivals. The event starts in the morning and goes till evening. This includes parades, firework display, concerts and barbecues.

Classic Canadian foods which make you feel like home:

Tim Horton provides special themed menu items that are exciting to try out. You won’t able to control yourselves like others, to indulge in the classic dishes of Tims. My favorite and so does everyone is maple doughnut and an Iced Capp coffee drink topped with maple flakes, whipped cream and bacon bits.

1) Poutine:

How can I forget about the cheese curd, yyyuummy! I just loved French fries and when those Crispy potato wedges topped with Quebec cheese curds and with delicious gravy; it is another level of adventure and seriously worth to take.

2) Local dishes:

You can taste the mouth-watering flavors of other local dishes which are Alberta Beef, Canadian Lobster, and Montreal Smoked Meat out of respect for their local food cultures.

3) Beverages or beavertails:

Keeping the theme of red and white in mind, all the beverages are prepared in the same way. All of them will be red and white in color, which looks amazing. My favorite is lava flow mocktail with the base of raspberry puree, milky topping, whipped cream and finished with sugared frozen raspberries on top. Heaven! Beer lover can Open a Molson, Labatt’s blue or Sleeman and drink it with delicious Canadian dish.

4) Maple syrup:

It tastes amazing, in coffee, on a pancake or in morning smoothie! Usually Quebecois pour maple syrup over snow which makes it taffy-like consistent and then wrap it around a stick which is commonly known as “tire sur la Neige”. Its lip smacking!

5) Caesar:

It is a classic Canadian drink which was created in Calgary, Alberta in 1969. It contains vodka with Caesar mix (which is a blend of tomato juice and clam broth), hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce which is served in celery salt-rimmed glass with ice and garnished with a celery stalk and wedge of lime. There are a lot of Caesar variations so check the menus and you might come across something pretty creative.

Canadian clothes: red and white:

You will see fair faces in maple leaves, red and white clothes. Chances are people will head to the Hudson’s Bay Company and browse their selection of Canadian themed attire to make sure they’re looking the part.

1) The Canadian Tuxedo

Ryan Gosling approved the Canadian Tuxedo is a classic outfit which consists of a denim jacket, with denim jeans; and yes, it looks as amazing as it sounds.

2) Toques

Yes, it’s July but it generally cold at night, so it is better to cover yourself so that you will be safe and secure. Stocking caps, hats, etc you can use to cover yourself.

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