Cathay Pacific Brings Digital Newspapers & Magazines Via PressReader For Customers!

Recently, Cathay Pacific Group team up with PressReader and represents a new way to the access to content. Cathay Pacific is offering Newspaper & Magazines to the passengers to access the content.

They can choose from thousands of publications and can download the favorite content into their devices between 48 hours before the flight.

The representative of Cathay Pacific said: “Our customers have told us that reading materials are important to their overall journey satisfaction. We, therefore, set out to find the best platform to enable the biggest selection, in the most environmentally responsible manner, to deliver what our passengers value.”

And also added: “By partnering with PressReader, we are now able to provide thousands of popular newspapers and magazines to everyone who flies with us.”

Available Facilities:
  • Cathay Pacific app allows customers to gain access to PressReader 48 hours before departure along with the other services to get the travel information and handy functions like flight booking and check-in.
  • This means all Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon customers can download their favorite publications to their own Smartphones or tablets for free.

The Director of Cathay Pacific Simon Large said: “Partnering with PressReader is an investment that strengthens our news and entertainment offering. It enables our customers to have a much bigger range of choice in reading materials, ideally making their travel experience a richer and more relaxing one.”

And the Chief Executive Officer of PressReader Alex Kroogman said: “At PressReader, we believe in building new ways for brands to create meaningful and organic relationships with real people. That’s why we’re working with one of the world’s best airlines – one that provides the outstanding experience and aligns with our mission to improve the way readers all over the world discover great content.”

The PressRider’s 7,000-strong library includes The Washington Post, The Guardian and the Los Angeles Times. And apart from these Travel and Lifestyle magazines are also available like Business Traveler, Vogue, and GQ.

More than 300 popular newspapers and magazines from Hong Kong and Mainland China are also available along with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s award-winning in-flight magazines, Discovery and Silkroad.