Are You Eligible to Book USA to INDIA Flight Tickets?

Due to covid-19 international travel hits so hard, From the last year airlines trying hard to making flying safer for their customers. People who are willing to fly internationally. First of all, you should know all the restrictions and new guidelines if you are thinking to book international flights from USA to India.

Things you need to know before traveling to India from USA:  

if you are planning to travel the USA to India or vice-versa, Go through the following listed all the necessary guidelines and restrictions

Flights between India and the USA currently in operation?

The government of India banned international travel from 31st march 2021, Now this is extended till 30th November 2021. Therefore, the answer to your question is NO. only a few airlines are allowed to operate from different countries to India. Everyone is not allowed to travel from the USA to India, Only those people allowed to travel who fulfill all the requirements like using the Vande Bharat Mission or the Air Bubble Transportation

Which airlines are operating from India to USA?

Airlines flying from India to United States are

  • Air India
  • United, Emirates, 
  • Air Canada, 
  • Aeroflot, 
  • British Airways,
  •  KLM, 
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • ANA, 
  • Kuwait Airways, 
  • Etihad Airways, 
  • Turkish Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • Qatar Airways, 
  • Swiss

Can I book flights from the USA to India?

Yes, You can book flights from USA to INDIA, Only if you fulfill the required documentation and follow the guidelines. Get aware of all the requirements and read all the necessary information before traveling because if you lack in something your travel can be canceled on time. 

The Bubble Agreement

The aviation minister has started “The Bubble Agreement”, Which allows some of the airlines to come into operation to bring backs the stucked Indians from all over the world by following all the safety measures and safety protocols in consideration. From last year 91 lakh, people bring back to India from various country. Air India working day night to help people of Indian nationality to bring back home. Including USA there are 28 other countries that allowed pax to travel from to and from India under special circumstances.

Where can I book the tickets?

You can book directly with the airlines but airlines are selling flight tickets at a very high cost. I suggest you book direct flights or non-stop flights to India from USA and USA to India, Search for the best online deals from the USA to India travel offered by airlines but everyone is not aware of them so book through an agent or a website that will help to till the boarding flight. In the COVID-19 situation, there is a huge list of rules and regulations. An agent or a website is well aware of these guidelines and also takes care of their customer travel till the end. I recommend you to visit for your booking.

For traveling through Vande Bharat mission you have to register yourself in INDIAN MISSION ABROAD and this step is not required for Air Bubble Travelers.

Are you eligible to book flight tickets to India from USA- Check these steps:

Everyone is not allowed to book flight tickets to India from the USA, Like tourists and people with very small reasons are not allowed to travel. Any business trip or moving to India as a resident, they could be allowed to travel. Follow the listed guidelines to check who can book the flights to India from USA

  • People with Indian nationality who wish to travel back to their home country.
  • Overseas Citizens of India with US Passports
  •  Business Visa holder (other than B-3)
  • Diplomats holding valid Visa
  • People who have an invitation from healthcare institutes or research laboratory 
  • Technical engineering traveling to install or repair origin equipment

Eligibility for booking tickets to the USA

You can also travel from India to the USA if you lie in the following listed categories:

  1. US citizens
  2. Indian nationals with valid US visas
  3. Sailors with Indian passports

Requirement of COVID-19 negative test report

  • A COVID-19 negative test report is required while traveling to India from USA.
  • The aviation ministry started the air suvidha association portal with Delhi airport, the main aim of this portal is to make hassle-free and contactless for international travel as possible.
  • People traveling to India from USA need to upload a negative RT-PCR report of a test taken before 72 hours of boarding flight.
  • Test guidelines can be changed according to the situation.

Safety precautions are taken by the airline while traveling via Non-stop flights from USA to India:

  • Protecting gears to pax 
  • Mask is compulsory while traveling in flight.
  • Sanitization is being done by airlines every day.
  • Airlines keen an eye on sick people and test before boarding the flight
  • A social distancing seating plan is maintained by the airline.
  • The safety protocols and guidelines vary from airline to airline 

Details of flights from the USA to India

Flight Price: 

Could be under $400, if you book in advance (price changes drastically) 

Cheapest Prices offered by airlines from USA to India:   

  • United airlines 
  • Air India 
  • Qatar Airways 

The fastest flight between USA to India:

13 hours 45 Minutes

Note: Compare price on to get the cheapest flight ticket

When will normal travel resume?

These days conditions are changing every day, International travel is restricted due to the COVID-19 solution. No one can say anything about resuming the international flights from USA to India. People who are fully vaccinated can be travel according to the guidelines in USA.

Only a few flights are operating due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the vaccination around the world is in full swing and Covid 19 cases have started to dip, we assume the international flights will be resumed in the coming weeks.

People who completed all the tests and follow the guidelines can travel from the USA to India. The COVID 19 test reports, vaccination certificates are mandatory for international travel.