An App Can Now Tell You How Long Security Waits Are At Some US Airports

To regulate the ins and outs of arriving at the airport, frequent travelers generally adopt different stuff. But once, a person get into huge queues, it can destruct even the best-planned trip to the airport.

Hence for the comfort and ease of the passengers, an app has been introduced, named TripIt. This app supports a number of new features which will tell the respective users, how long the waits are at airport security in selected US airports.

This information can help the passengers to get in and out the airport by managing proper time. Talking about the fee, there will be a yearly subscription which let users know how the long the wait is near their gate.

In addition to that, this app will also send an alert to users; three hours before their flight. This will show the current wait times at the airport so that they can plan as per that. Along with that, there is also a built-in airport map which will help them to them find the nearest checkpoint or how to find the quickest security line.

Right now, these features are only available for some of the US airports. This includes – Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Jen Moyse (director of product for TripIt from Concur), stated that “Wasted time at the airport really adds up—especially for frequent travelers. If the security line is short, you could end up with a lot of extra time. If there’s a long line, you could risk missing a flight.”


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