American Airlines Schedule Change Policy That Make Your Journey More Comfortable!

Sometimes the early booking of flights can be stressful due to changes made by the airlines or when the non-stop flights are canceled. But luckily, changes in the schedule can also be a big blessing, whether you are using a mile or simply purchasing a ticket.

Passengers get two options regarding schedule change, firstly changes that occur due to airline and secondary, changes made by the passenger himself (voluntary changes). Both are significant and give you a lot of flexibility in terms of making your flight itinerary better and free of cost.

So, here you will find the complete list of the schedule change policies that will help you to know what you are able to do when a schedule change happens.

What is the American Airlines schedule change policy?

A schedule change is a planned change or cancellation of a flight occurs up to 72 hours before the departure day. It includes the change of flight times, reduction of services, change of flight numbers, etc.

  • It uses the automated schedule change system. And the processing time starts 72 hours before the departure.
  • All schedule changes are sent to the booking source for notification.
  • Then, the booking source notifies the customer, acknowledge the schedule change and re-issue the ticket.
  • Changes in the schedule can be made within 30 days or more than 35 days of departure after accepting the schedule change.
Scheduled changes are allowed:

The ticket change and schedule time are only allowed in the following cases:

Changes in 90 minutes or less:  The airline changes a flight with the same fare as your original ticket on the same day. They can change your connection point if you want to. This is a bit restrictive because if you bought a low fare and it is sold out that day, you will not have options.

Changes in 91 minutes or greater or a nonstop turned into a connecting flight: The airline will change the different flight even if the original fare class is not available, and will also change the partner flights.

  • It made the Re-accommodation on a different date because the same day flights will not be available.
  • It includes the change to dates, origin or destination, and AA* services.
  • Travel Agents can reissue re-accommodated itinerary as updated by the airlines.
What are the American Airlines same-day flight changes and standby policies?

Same-day flight change and standby are non-refundable, non-transferable and offered for select routes only. These both are only available for selected routes. The airline says that the:

  • Customers using same-day flight change can make the changes in earlier or later flight.
  • Same day flight change may be confirmed up to 24 hours before the new flight time.
  • Cannot change the departure and arrival airports; number of flight segments in the itinerary, flight to connecting or nonstop flights.
  • Cannot change to another city with multiple airports and different connecting cities.
  • Customers who purchase the same-day flight change and standby are unable to use it due to American airlines missed flight or flight cancelation are eligible for a refund.
  • If same-day flight change is not available, then AAdvantage regular members and non-members can use the same-day standby.
  • AAdvantage regular members, non-members, and elite members may use the same-day standby for earlier or later flights.
  • Same-day flight change and standby options aren’t available on Basic Economy fares.

How to confirm the same-day flight changes or standby?

The airline also defines that the passenger can make same-day flight changes and standby 24 hours before the departure:

  • Online Request: Make an online request for the same-day flight change and standby. Select the change and fee on that.
  • At the Check-in process: Choose from a list of available flights and pay the fee. Once you complete the check-in process, you will receive a new boarding pass and a receipt.
  • At the ticket counter: The agents will provide you the list of available flights for the same-day flight change only. Choose the flight you want to travel and pay the fee. Then, you will receive the new boarding pass and a charge receipt.
Refund policy: –

You have to submit a refund request through your GDS. If the ticket is unused, then the refund can be processed through the GDS. But if the ticket is partially used, then you have a request for a Refund Application.

  • If you moved from the direct to a connecting flight or non-stop to a connecting flight, then you are eligible for a refund.
  • But if the schedule change is less than 60 minutes, no refund is allowed.
  • If a schedule change is 61-120 minutes, only refund to voucher is allowed.
  • If a schedule change is more than 120 minutes due to the cancellation of flight, a refund ticket to the original form of payment is allowed.
Minimum Delay: 

Departure time change starts 15 or earlier or 30 or more minutes later from the originally scheduled ticket.

Other Restrictions:

A passenger has rights to charge you if there is any difference in fare and can technically charge the changed fee. So, when the schedule changes, you have to call an agent who is willing to help you.

For first and business class fares:

  • If the change is less than 91 minutes, you might be placed in coach if the exact fare code you purchased is not available.
  • If it is greater than 90 minutes, you can rebook on a flight with the lowest fare.

Schedule changes are not ideal, and we know that you may have plans to change routes or timings. So, read and follow the general guidelines of schedule changes and make the process as painless as possible for you.