Airlines Say It’s Safe to Travel. But should you fly yet?

Since all around the world airlines and airports are doing everything to resume the flights.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, they are using various kinds of safety measures for the safety of passengers but are they enough?

For safe air travel, airlines are requiring face masks for passengers and staff, aircraft cleaning procedures, maintaining social distancing to board flights, taking temperatures and speeding check-ins, and blocking middle seats on planes.

As one travel expert says “So much is uncertain right now.”

There are doubts in the mind of travelers. Will social distancing measures work while sitting on planes for hours with strangers? On the other hand, the temperature checks only identify those who are already ill, but how do you screen for the virus.

While there is no way to make air travel 100% safe, there are some ways to make it safer. Thus, if you are flying for a certain reason it’s important to take preventive measures through each trip.

Not being confident enough to take a trip?

One approach that focuses on strategies to control the exposures and eliminate the hazard. Before booking think extra hard if you are older or have low immunity. If you are one of them make sure you are not traveling unnecessarily.

If you are healthy then allow yourself to have more control over minimizing your exposures to other people.

Follow the guidelines: As the policies and guidelines of airlines and airports are changing constantly these days. Such as minimizing the capacity and spacing of the aircraft by not using middle seats and having empty rows, boarding from the back of the plane.

In case, if the passenger goes over 70% of seating capacity they might have canceled your flight which you are not aware of. Consider going through the current policies or restrictions before you purchase a flight ticket.

After you book a flight, select a window seat if possible. It will reduce the number of people you are exposed to during the flight.

Also, check out your airline if they are using preventive measures like ventilation systems, on-board barriers, and electrostatic disinfectant sprays on flights.

Flying with kids?

If you are thinking about flying with kids, then you must be more specific about the journey. Fly only if it is important. Further, there are special considerations for flying with kids. Getting a young child to adhere to wearing a mask and maintaining good hygiene behaviors at home so they can follow the same while traveling. Children under 2 should not wear a mask.


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