A Complete Guideline On How to Carry Indian Currency from India to the USA

After the complete ban on the tour and travel, as the world breathes free from Covid-19, we can see a hike in the travel to and from various countries. With the resumption of all international fights, we can see a hike in the travelers to the USA from India. If you are planning to travel to the USA from India avail the best offers and cheap tickets to India from the USA with us here at FlydealFare.

While we see travelers traveling to the USA from India for various reasons like to pursue their job there or study there and for job purposes. The most important thing we require when we travel is money. But were you aware of the legal limitations on carrying cash to the USA from India?

Yes, you heard it correct there are limitations imposed by both the governments on the amount of money you can carry when you travel. In this article, you will be made to understand how much cash you can carry from India to the USA.

You can carry up to US $10,000 in cash, in form of the currency notes, traveler cheques, etc without informing the customs officers. There is a constraint of INR 25,000 for every individual for Indian occupants to convey from India to the US. Any individual who lives outside India is permitted to take back the unspent cash bought by him/her.


1. How much money can you bring to the USA from India?

If you are traveling to the USA from India you can carry cash in form of currency notes, banknotes, or traveler’s cheques the amount should be equivalent to US $10,000. But if you tend to exceed the given amount you are bound to announce that at the time of travel to the customs officers.

2. How might you take a larger amount of cash from India to the USA?

You can send cash from India to the US by means of the Western Union internet-based banking service. Visit their site and register to start the exchange and pay by means of your bank account. Your beneficiary will get the cash straightforwardly in their financial balance. The assistance time is one work day and the exchange can be followed on the web.

3. Do the air terminal scanners at any point distinguish cash?

Money is primarily made of paper. The scanners can recognize metal. The cigarette pack foil and money strips will show during the filter.

4. Do You Have To Declare Less Than $10000?

It isn’t required for any traveler to communicate to the customs about carrying cash that is below US $10,000. But if you are carrying cash above the US $10,000 you must inform the customs officers at duty to avoid inconveniences during the travel.

5. How much INR Can I Carry From India?

As per the administrative power, the singular heading out from India to the US could pass Indian cash up to INR 25,000. Any Indian living outside India is allowed to go into India and withdraw their unspent cash.

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