Do You Know How Southwest Airline Flights Make Your Travel Easy!

Flying is a big part of many travelers’ life, whether the purpose of traveling is college visits, business meetings, school trips, etc. But there are some factors that create issues like flight delays, hours of waiting, terrible in-flight services, etc.

So, if you want to maximize your flying experience, then try out this airline. Below are the few reasons why you should always fly with this airline. Here are the top 10 reasons why Southwest airline is good and beats all the other airline companies out there.

  1. There is no fee for changing Southwest Airline flights: –

An unexpected change in plans can lead to missing of your flight. There is no need to pay extra for unlucky circumstances. They do not charge for the things you cannot control and for sudden changes.

  • You will receive a Southwest LUV Voucher if you book your flight with cash. This option will redeem the fares for the future flight.
  • Your Southwest Rapid Rewards points will be deposited straight back into your account if you book the award flight.
  1. They provide the two free checked bags at the check-in: –

This is the best feature of the airline. They allow travelers to check two bags under 50 lbs without any fee while other airlines charge you for the checked baggage. But if you are traveling with more than that, you have to pay for extras. There are some airlines that even charge you for a carry-on.

  1. Choose your own Seats according to your comfort zone:

Those people, who have never flown through this airline before, it may be daunting for them. Southwest airlines safety procedure says that always chooses your seat beforehand or enjoys selecting your seat onboard. These shows how flexible, the Southwest airline travel plans are.

  1. You Can Watch Live and On-Demand TV for free: –

Southwest offers the free live and on-demand TV on its flights. You can quickly and easily connect to the Wi-Fi and can browse the hundreds of entertainment options from your own devices.

You can access the app system of southwest through your own phone or tablet or laptop. This means no one will disturb you and also will not create a disturbance by playing some boring game that requires constant jabbing of the screen.

  1. The pre-boarding system is more efficient and cool: –

Rushing to your gate, watching a huge line of people waiting and awkwardly asking the questions are the most daunting tasks. Standing in the long lines most of the people exhausted.

But you can avoid it. The screens will help you to know what group and number are boarding. And everyone can stand in systematic and organized fashion lines, which is so much simpler for everyone to get to the board.

  1. Provide the faster boarding time: –

Studies show that boarding back to front is actually one of the worst ways to board a plane. This method creates the traffic jams as people stuff their luggage into the overhead bins. It is the faster, free-for-all, random type boarding. As quickly passenger sits, it becomes easy for the plane to do a timely take off.

  1. No charges to watch the videos: –

On some planes, you cannot watch the attractive show unless you “Swipe you Card” to watch the rest of the video part. But southwest never does so. You can watch the videos without paying extra charges.

  1. Provides free drink and snacks: –

Airlines provide the drinks, snacks, apple juice, and other facilities to their passengers on the flight for free. Some airlines just start to charge passengers for snacks and drinks too. But the airline offers its services to the passenger without any fee.

  1. They have helpful and nice staff: –

The little smiles, jokes and thoughtful touches encourage you to grab extra snacks.

Tiny gestures can mean a lot when you are crammed with the bunch of tired strangers. The good-natured attendants ease the traumatic situation as they do their jobs and make it less stressful than it can be.

  1. Fares are cheaper: –

There are some airlines that may be a few dollars cheaper. But as compared to other major airlines, Southwest is cheaper and enough to make the experience worth.

So, these are the reasons that show that why Southwest is the best airline to fly. This article helps you to know more about the airline and its in-flight features.