10 Travel Hacks For Money-Saving Last Minute Travel Planning!

Trip on a short notice and want to plan it without breaking your bank? Is it possible! Well, yes it is possible with following savvy suggestions which will help you to plan a money-saving perfect spontaneous getaway. Stay tuned!

When to Book:

It is been observed that flight tickets on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday are less expensive than the rest of the week. And locking deal at Saturday-night never hit your bank balance. Avoid Friday evenings and Monday mornings when business travelers often pay premium rates and flight tickets are too expensive.

Set Fare Alerts:

Sign up with flight booking agency or on a website which provides reasonable flight tickets; will surely send you the alerts as soon as seats become available on the particular route. And these alerts will let you book before others and help you to grab best last-minute flight tickets.

Combo Deals:

Flight tickets bundle with the hotel, rental car or travel package etc; are always best to buy one. As this might hit your bank balance for once but you will spend the rest of your holiday stress-free. But sometimes offers might be there on these combo deals. So you can avail those too.

Travel in Low Season:

You can often get great last-minute deals in low seasons or on destinations that aren’t high season. For example best season to visit the USA is from April to October; most of the travelers avoid travelling to the USA in these seasons. So this can to be an advantage for you.

Subscribe to Newsletter:

You can subscribe to e-mails from your favorite airlines or best flight booking website in order to find out the last-minute flight deals. So that if there will be any offer you will immediately get the notification and grab the deal soon.

Compare online Prices:

If you prefer to book online then always compare rates on the different flight booking websites or official airlines website. Or you can consult a specialist, who will compare all the prices and then give you the best one.

Be a Member:

Online flight booking website or travel agencies give their member an extra discount of 10% or more on the last-minute flight ticket. And you will immediately get an alert about price drop or about any offer.

Try to Book a One-Way Ticket

Purchasing separate one-way flight tickets on two different carriers will let save money than booking a round-trip ticket. Whenever you are traveling internationally, you will need to show proof of return flight ticket at the check-in, so bring along the print out of your return ticket too.

Be Flexible in Date and Time:

Sometimes, leaving late at night or early in the morning will save you more; as generally, passengers avoid travelling at these two times. Or even sometimes, extending your trip by one or two days more will hit your pocket less. So it is suggested to be flexible with both date and time.

Clear the Browser:

Try to use the incognito window or clear the browser in every search. Sometime, old browser cookies will show you the same result on every search. So, this is a tried and tested method; so delete all the cookies before searching for a flight ticket.


1.> How do I get last minute flight deals?

  1. Miss your own flight.
  2. Have a full price ticket and want to get on an earlier flight.
  3. Have friends working at the airline.
  4. Sign up for airline newsletters.
  5. Sign up for price alerts.
  6. Follow your favourite airlines on social media.

2.> Are Last Minute Deals worth it?

ANS:- If you can travel mid-week, on early morning or late-night flights or outside of peak periods, you’re likely to find much cheaper prices. If price is your main concern, it may be worth booking flights and accommodation separately for a cheaper lastminute deal.

3.> Is it cheaper to buy a plane ticket at the last minute?

ANS:- Contrary to popular belief, booking airline tickets late is often cheaper. Airlines know that business travellers tend to book their seats at the last minute and are willing to pay a premium for their flights. The logic follows that the earlier you book, the cheaper your seat will be. But it is not always so.


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