Still No Connectivity Of Free Wi-Fi For International Flyers At Indian Airports!

Flyers using international SIM cards still can’t access free Wi-Fi at Indian airports at a time when airlines are planning to use in-flight voice and data connectivity.

Only the passengers who have local mobile numbers or the international passengers with the roaming packs are able to connect to the Wi-Fi at the airports currently. Presently, most international airports provide the Wi-Fi connectivity to all the passengers from all over the world.

This non-connectivity is causing huge inconvenience to the international passengers, who are being forced to sit through long layovers and flight delays without internet services. While the passengers with international roaming packs who are not using the Wi-Fi are incurring high charges because the service is expensive.

Largely even the coupons don’t work at all. Addressing this issue, Wi-Fi coupons are provided by few airport lounges in the country for internet access but the problem remains unresolved. For example, Bangalore International Airport Ltd’s mobile application allows the passengers to use free Wi-Fi without an OTP for two hours. But the app remains incompatible with IOS, as Apple does not allow its platform to open for this integration as most of the international travelers are IOS users.

There are various passengers complaining that the Wi-Fi coupons are not available at most Indian airports.


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