Qatar Airways Schedule Change Policy And Ticket Re-issuance

Each airline consists of different rules and regulations. There are a number of components that affect the passenger’s itinerary like the Qatar airways fare rules, type of ticket, time and revised confirmation itinerary. On the other hand, it also includes how a passenger will get the refundable ticket if once his/her flight is canceled.

But, the schedule changes are more significant and give a lot of flexibility to make your flight itinerary better. The airline sends a confirmation message to the email address whether the airline made the changes or passenger changed the reservation.

The schedule change policies are used to get a better routing than the original. Any schedule change should allow a re-routing or refund. So, here is the complete list of schedule change policies and reissuance of the tickets.

What Is Qatar Airways Schedule Change & Voluntary Change Policy?

Only the confirmed booking is eligible for changes and ON HOLD bookings are not eligible for changes. The passengers cannot put the changed bookings on hold. For that, the customer must have to complete the payment to confirm the changes.

The Qatar airways change flight date and plan when:

  • The seasonal demands and new routes are needed.
  • Time changes from daylight to standard time or vice versa.
  • The changes in the flight numbers or operating times.
  • The flights that no longer operate.

Voluntary changes occur when a passenger wants to change the date and time of travel due to any personal reasons.

Schedule Changes Are Allowed

The variations are possible and depend on the departure ports. But if there is any subsequent changes occur in the reservation and ticket, then the fee will charge along with the airfare.

The passengers can change their flight itinerary:

  • For the same day.
  • For more than 24 hrs before the departure.
  • Between 3 hrs and 24 hrs before departure.
  • The new flight should not be sooner than 72 hours from the original departure time.
  • The changes are not allowed after departure or within 3 hours.

Other Basic Rules of Schedule change:

  • The passenger can make the changes as the ticket fare rules permit.
  • The origin and destination change up to 500 miles are allowed if the schedule change is significant.
  • If the Voluntary change is happening 3 hours before departure of flight no-show penalty will not be charged. The no-show charge applies if the change is made after the departure of flight as shown on the e-ticket coupon.

Note: –

For flights from or to the US:  The passenger can hold the reservation for 24 hours without payment. But once payment is received and a ticket is issued, then the airline will apply the fare rules.

How To Change Flight Date OR Reservation Online?

The airline may permit you for the date change on booking but charge you for the Date Change. But in some cases, Service Charges and fare difference also applied with the date change fee.

  • The online change booking service lets you change or cancel the booking by selecting the passengers and sectors.
  • If you want to change your booking to another flight that is operated by another airline, you will need to cancel your existing booking and make a fresh booking.

The date change fee and Service Charges are printed on your E-Ticket. But the date change may not be permitted on certain tickets.

Online Changes:

  • Go to the site and click on the ‘My Trips’ A ‘Modify flights’ button will be displayed on the site if your ticket is changed online.
  • After choosing the option, you will able to select new flights and can pay immediately online for any change in fees.

Note: – Contact the travel agent or Qatar airways office if your ticket cannot be changed online.

Ticket Reissue

The travel agency will reissue the tickets that are affected by a schedule change if the flight is leaving a day before, the day of, and the day after the impacted flight.

  • The scheduled flight must be flown between the same origin and destination as was the original.
  • The tickets will be reissued on the originally issued tickets.
  • Book the new flights in the lowest available class if the same fare class is not available.

The ticket is exchanged or reissued if the original ticket is marked as Exchanged. But, the ticket number cannot be re-used. Re-issuance of totally or partially unused ticket can also be done when needed.

Unused ticket: The airline allows the unused ticket up to 12 months from the date of issue.

Partially used ticket: The passenger can use the partial ticket up to 12 months from the date of first outbound 12 months.

Before Departure: The airline will charge the change penalty plus No-show charges before departure. And need to reissue the tickets with applicable fare difference.

  • Voluntary change occurs irrespective of the arrival and departure flight of the journey. In this case, the airline will recalculate the flight and apply the new fares in effect of the date of the re-issue.

After Departure: The airline will charge the change penalty plus No-show charges after departure. And need to reissue the tickets with applicable fare difference.

  • The airline will recalculate the new fares in effect when the original ticket was issued. Among the changed fare components, the highest penalty charges will be applied.

General Conditions For Schedule Change Scenarios

The changes are applicable only if the fare rule allows change of reservation. A change fee applies per reservation.

Re-Pricing Rule:

The new ticket has to be equal or higher than previous ticket fare value and RBD unless;

  • There is a change in Fare Breakpoint where the new route results in a lower fare.
  • There is a change in seasonality or weekday or weekend fares.

In both the cases, the airline will refund the residual amount to the passenger through the original form of payment as transportation credit voucher.

Change fee collection scenarios are:

  • Date change is done for Departure or Outbound only: If the outbound change fee is less than the inbound fee, then the highest fee of changed fare component of outbound will apply for the transaction.
  • Date change is done for Arrival or Inbound only: If outbound change fee is 100 and inbound are 125, then the highest fee of the changed fare component of inbound is to be considered for the transaction.
  • Date change is done for both directions in one transaction: If departure change fee is 100 and arrival fee is 125, then the highest fee of the changed fare component is 125 for the transaction.
  • The change of reservation is not permitted in a pricing unit: If one of the changed fare components does not allow change of reservation in a combination of fares scenario, then no Change of reservation allowed for that fare component.

Qatar Airways Manage Booking

The passenger can change booking online by simply:

Log in to a website or contact to the travel agent to ‘Manage a Booking’. If your booking is eligible for changes you will see the ‘Change flight’ button under ‘Flight summary’ option.

Through this strategy the passenger can manage the booking:

  • Review, print, and e-mail your flight information to your device.
  • It will change your booking date, time, cabin class, and fare class.
  • Edit your frequent flyer number, contact details, and advance passenger information.
  • This will help you to select your own choice seat.
  • Request services including special meals or disability assistance.
  • Rent a car, purchase travel insurance, and purchase excess baggage.

Other General Queries:

There are some other general queries of the passengers:

Question No. 1: If I change the flight traveling dates, do I need to change my car or insurance booking?

Answer: Yes, you will have to change your car and insurance booking by contacting the service provider if the flight dates are changed.

Question No. 2: Which form of payment is accepted for changing my booking?

Answer: The payment options available for changing a booking and purchasing a booking are the same and may vary per country.

Question No. 3: Can I upgrade my booking to a higher cabin class?

Answer: Yes, the upgrades to a higher cabin class are allowed.

Question No. 4: Do I need to pay for changing my booking?

Answer: A change penalty fees may apply depending on the original fare rules once you finalize your booking. The airline will charge the applicable fare difference when the originally purchased fare is not available for the new flights.

Question No. 5: If I change my booking to a lower fare class, will I get a refund of the fare difference?

Answer: Yes, you will get the refund. And the credit voucher for future travel.

Question No. 6: Can I change a Qatar Airways flight to another airline flight?

Answer: No, You cannot change the Qatar Airways flight to another flight. Only Qatar Airways operated flights are eligible for changes.

Question No. 7: Can I put my changes on hold?

Answer: No, You cannot put the changed bookings on hold. You must complete payment to confirm your changes.

Question No. 8: Can I request for meal and seat request if I change my booking?

Answer: Yes, The passenger can request for Seat and meal in the changed booking case. You can request for this via Manage a Booking.

Question No. 9: Is the amount shown in the available flights’ calendar, the fare difference or the total fare?

Answer: The price shown on the calendar is the fare difference. The total fare components contain the taxes, fees, and surcharges. That all be shown once you have selected a flight.

Question No. 10: Which bookings are eligible for a change online?

Answer: Bookings with one-way and return itineraries is allowed. The Qatar Airways ticketing offices and Qatar Airways airport ticketing offices are eligible for online booking changes.

Question No. 11: Can I change the booking only for selected passengers?

Answer: No, the passenger cannot change the booking for selected passengers. Changes must be applied to all passengers in the booking.

The services enable the passengers to get the updates on re-issue tickets, schedule change and get the refund on tickets through the website. So, stay up-to-date with this information and use them during any hassle.