Flight Deals To India: Which Are The Student Discount Flights?

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

To get cheap flight deals for students are not only about saving money. To take advantage of long vacations and want to visit some sites, you have to qualify discounted tickets. When plane tickets are cheap OR available on the low -cost, you have the flexibility to fly very early or late in the day and during off-peak periods without fall into any worrying situation. Check the lists of airlines that provide the flight deals to India  and student discount for educational and research trips.

How To Get A Student Discount On Flights

  • When students and young travelers plan to travel, many leading airlines offer special fares to them.
  • Reserve cheap student flights mean providing additional information after a complete
  • To secure their further discounts on flights, student promo codes help the customers.
  • Checking airline and airline alliance policies to make the best decision before booking tickets.

Student Discount Flights    

  1. Delta

Different airlines have different terms and conditions in regard to student discount fares. Consider which airline offers the ideal flight when you book the favorite route to your destination and then check if any student discount is available. But, these flights are useful for student discount when booking international travel. Delta student discount flights can be combined with Virgin Atlantic flights to offer more opportunities to secure cheap flights between the United States, London, Edinburgh or Manchester. Each day delta combined with virgin and offers up to 40 roundtrip flights between North America and the United Kingdom. Apart from this, Delta flights combine with Air France-KLM and Alitalia and offer access to the world’s largest transatlantic network.

  1. American Airlines

When booked with American Airlines, flights may be eligible for a student discount. Its frequent flyer program AAdvantage offers special deals for student travelers. If you want to eligible for a student discount, then additional information including the name of your school and your student ID will be required. Another than this you must be a student at one of the listed universities on the American Airlines website. Additionally, group booking with American Airlines offers savings for students. American Airlines gives you a discounted, guaranteed airfare and let you block seats up to 11 months in advance if you can arrange the flights of a group of 10 or more people.

  1. Lufthansa

A German-based carrier Lufthansa is a popular and reliable carrier, which is traveling internationally or considering flights to multiple locations. The airline’s student discount program is required to enroll in one of the US College or university and people aged 12 to 25 to travel to more than 470 destinations worldwide for discounted airfares. Often the discount would be comparable or cheaper as compared to other student fare websites. Consider checking reviews online before confirming your fare.

  1. Southwest

Southwest Airlines no longer offer student discount fares but still provides great value for money. Southwest flights are often the best option when traveling home with a large selection of domestic routes serving many of the United States’ colleges. When traveling during Spring Break and other popular vacation times, compare different departure dates to find the best deal. Southwest doesn’t charge for booking, ticketing or change fees if you are traveling as a group of 10 or more.

  1. United Airlines

For students considering their next trip, this airline offers both domestic and international routes that may provide the cheapest option. Students can book their tickets 11 months in advance, gives enough time to save more on tickets. GroupsPlus program of united airlines discounts the tickets for 10 or more passengers. United operates its 9 airline from the hubs located in Chicago, Denver, Guam, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark, Tokyo and Washington, DC.

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